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It's difficult to grow what you don't fully understand.

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My name is Jayme Thomason, and I’ve spent my career helping my clients solve their biggest marketing challenges.

I’ve owned and operated two agencies, started and launched a successful software company, led product development teams, built dozens of digital products and consulted some of the nation’s largest brands on digital strategy - I even spent a couple years writing clever marketing copy for a major mobile provider.

The point is this: I know the problems that you’re facing in your marketing efforts. And the good news for you is I’ve probably seen and solved the challenge you’re dealing with right now.

I’ve become known for my strategy because it unearths the real issues holding my clients back.  

That’s what Brink Insights is all about - providing thorough analysis for greater impact on ROI.

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My team, the best team in the business, delivers lead gen and marketing automation, sales enablement, PR and influencer marketing and content marketing strategy, management and execution. Whether you’re building your marketing system from scratch or need to shift your strategy into full gear, our marketing services work for you.

If you’re passionate about achieving BIG business-impacting results for your company, Brink Insights should be your next call.