Essential Software Marketing Tools

Like any craftsman, we rely on great tools to help us do our jobs. Not only do we need great tools, we help our clients select the right marketing/sales technologies for their growth programs. While having a solid strategy is step #1, making sure you have the right technologies in place to run your programs is the next step.

Many of our growth plans include experimentation opportunities or areas in their strategy that need some testing before investing more into a channel or audience. We have a special tech stack we use for most of these engagements, and we wanted to share it with you. I truly believe that the technologies you use can really make a difference in the success of your strategies.

These technologies have been tested in many of our clients’ companies and approved by the Brink Insights strategists.


Leadpages is a software for creating landing pages. We've loved landing page tools since testing our value props for Brink Insights - our entire v1 website was made of landing pages. Because of that, we were able to learn very quickly what our audience needed from us before we invested in our current website. Leadpages is one place to house our landing pages and thank you pages for all of the tools found in BrinkU.

Lucid Chart

We spend a lot of time making boxes and arrows to give visualization to existing user flows or to show how we think a flow should be redesigned. Lucid Chart is a tool to make different charts and diagrams. We’ve done this with other tools, but Lucid Chart is a modern program that not only gives you a lot of different shapes and lines to denote different things, it allows you to have team members weigh in on the design. We could probably do a whole post or webinar just on how vital this program is and how we use it. Bonus, it’s very inexpensive for what you get.


It may have a funny name, but it is serious software. Hotjar is a tool that we, as growth analysts, cannot live without. It helps us answer our clients’ biggest usability and resonance questions. For example, a client of ours has just released their application in beta. Before we go into planning the next development cycle, we’re using Hotjar to see how people use the application, where they fall off, which features they like and we can even ask them questions at relevant points int the journey to get real-time feedback. The funnel analytics in Hotjar are alone worth the small fee. It’s also very nice to be able to record user sessions. Nothing like watching actual users use your site to help focus development.

Agile CRM

Agile CRM is one of those tools we happened to stumble on when doing a tech search. It is an extremely powerful tool for the price, and one of those hidden gems of a product. With a simple Zap, we can send all the leads we get from a specific experiment into Agile, and it not only goes into their sophisticated (but simple to use) marketing automation system, but it also goes into the CRM side for a sales team to use. It’s a true marketing & sales integration tool. We use Agile for building our list, and then as people engage with more of our content, we set triggers for our growth advisory team to follow up with ones we know are searching for help with their growth. We can’t recommend this tool enough.


We love SumoMe. Not only is this just an exceptional company, the tools are structured as a bunch of different tools in a big toolbox. You can use one, two, all of them or a custom “cocktail” of tools for your site. They’re all intended to work seamlessly together to drive more traffic and conversions. We’ve had great luck using their Welcome Mat tool to drive immediate list building. This set of tools adds a wealth of features to your site or experimental landing page. Plus, it integrates with a short snippet of code.

BONUS: Drift

Drift is a live chat software we’re currently test driving. If you’ve ever wished you could reach out to people directly when they’re on your site, this may be a tool for you to check out. Drift is, how do I put this, the least intrusive chat system I’ve seen. The UI is, in fact, really elegant, and we really love the personal touch it creates. Plus, it integrates into our Slack channel, so we can jump on chats quickly and use Zapier to move the leads into our other systems. We’re still testing, but so far, we really like it. Try it out! Go to our Services page and send us a message!

As a final note, I want to point out that no one software does everything we need to do in building 10X growth plans. So with some smart integrations, these technologies provide everything we need to build our marketing experimentation programs. 

What marketing technologies are you using to increase growth? Comment below!