How to Apply Design Thinking

Design Thinking, a process created and coined by the Stanford D-School, has become the gold standard in user-centered design. While we're huge fans of this process and have used it in a lot of our client engagements where end-to-end solution design is the goal, I'll be the first to admit that it doesn't always fit each business challenge perfectly, especially when the challenge is to evaluate something already in progress.

This is where I think it's more important to understand the Design Thinking Principles than use the process verbatim. Knowing the principles of empathy, prototyping, testing and learning, can give you greater flexibility in how you apply Design Thinking. In the webinar below, we discuss our 3 favorite models for applying the Design Thinking principles and show you when/how you use them.

Our Minimum Viable Marketing Plan is one of the ways we've adopted and adapted these principles to fit a broader range of circumstances. You can read more about the MVMP Process and download the template here

Here's the video recording of our Design Thinking webinar. Would love your comments on our 3 favorite models and find out how you apply design thinking in your organization! Let us know in the comments!