What's your return on marketing investment?

Return on marketing investment is the contribution to profit attributable to marketing (net of marketing spending), divided by the marketing 'invested' or risked. 


We analyze marketing and sales systems and connect all of the dots to reveal a true picture of marketing system performance. 

Answering the questions you haven't thought to ask.


Here's you: You're right on the edge of something important. You can feel it and you know there is a huge opportunity in front of you, but you just haven't yet put your finger on how to capitalize on it. You're seeing some hints toward real traction, but it feels just out of reach. You've reached the brink.

You, and many of our previous clients, ask questions like, "How do we do marketing and sales the 'right' way?" Or, "What does our audience need from us?" Maybe it's, "what marketing activities do we need to do to reach our goals?" And you're certainly always wondering how you can grow your audience and leverage that growth into sales and ROI.


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You're on the Brink of success.

our insights can get you there. Just ask these awesome companies. 



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"Brink Insights has added significant value to the deployment of our new go-to-market strategy. I'm consistently impressed with their ability to think systemically and plan well. They weave technical savvy with business strategy and marketing, which is an amazing combination. They are dependable and pleasant - we all enjoy working with them."

- Max Hobbs, CMO

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At Brink Insights, we value the great partnerships that we have with our clients. In fact, the camaraderie and trust that we have built with one another has lead to incredible product success and transformative results for their bottom line. 

Because every business is digitally-forward, and most mid-size to enterprise businesses are looking to achieve marketing and sales success, we are a fit for many. The strategy that we bring isn't for everyone, though - that's why we're selective in who we work with. We want to make sure that we have the time, resources, and expertise necessary to helping all of our clients thrive for the rest of their digital days, so sometimes we have to say no to prospects who are too small, or too large, for our special strategy. Fill out the form to the left to see if we'd be a match. We already can't wait for our first date!

That said, even those small and large companies can use strategy consultation from time to time. So if you're looking to challenge your marketing and push sales past the boundary of comfort, a custom strategy session may be what you need. Indicate that you're looking for strategy support  in the form to the left and we'll see what we can do.