Marketing Insights. The Brink Way


The Brink Signature Insights: marketing's most powerful solution. 

Everything we plan and everything we do is with your market, competitors, industry, and most importantly, business objectives in mind. We spend time with your business model, collecting data along the way, so you don't waste any time on marketing tactics that don't work for your business. 

Our signature insights include:

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Every new an exciting opportunity should begin with a thorough foundation of understanding. To get the 411 on your marketing and sales practices, competitors and industry, we perform an analysis at the beginning of each engagement.

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The deep dive we take creates the roadmap and blueprint to achieve your goals and includes only the most impactful strategies to move you toward marketing and sales ROI. We'll also recommend the best tech stack to get the job done. 

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reporting + analytics

Monthly numbers are great, but recommended action is invaluable. If we see something go off course, We'll never "ride it out" to see if it improves; we regroup, research and reimplement a better way. We provide your business with the analytics and recordings at each monthly wrap-up session.

What does our strategy cover?


Lead Generation + Marketing Automation

Hungry sales teams need a lead generation system that is proven to work. With over 15 years of combined experience creating effective lead generation and marketing automation systems, we've learned the strategic method of driving visitors to landing pages, developing assets that convert, and funneling them through an automated process to eventually classify them as customers.

  • Segmentation + Nurturing
  • Lead Gen Analysis
  • Inbound Strategy + Management
  • Lead Gen Strategy + Management
  • Lead Gen Campaign Development
  • Sourcing + Implementation
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Sales Enablement

Providing sales teams with the tools, knowledge, content and motivation to help develop and further your business is an art form. Lucky for you, it's one that we've perfected. Through a strategic methodology of engaging buyers in a relational way, the effectiveness of your sales team can skyrocket. 

  • Market/Competitive Analysis
  • Marketing/Sales Funnel Analysis
  • Business Model Consultation
  • Pricing Analysis + Strategy
  • Performance, Monitoring + Reporting
  • Sales/Marketing Process Development

Public Relations + Influencer Marketing

Some call it "reputation management" but we know it's so much more than that. Your company has a brand, and so should you as an executive. Ensure that you're representing your empire through the write channels and on the right stages. Wouldn't it be great if someone helped you build awareness, exhibit credibility and share your expertise? Now there is. 

  • Investor Pitching
  • Strategic Media Placements
  • Event Strategy + Management
  • Executive Branding, Positioning + Management
  • Product Launch Strategy + Execution
  • Finding + Managing Speaking Engagements
  • Influencer Relationship Development


Content Marketing

Messages that convert followers to prospects to leads to customers isn't something that happens on a whim. Not only is a content strategy necessary, but you'll need a qualified team to execute it. We know one thing's for sure: working with Brink's Content Marketing team to develop premium company content will make you the choice, not just a choice. 

  • Social Strategy + Management
  • SEO Strategy + Management
  • Blog Management
  • Website Analysis + Strategy
  • Mobile Analysis + Optimization
  • Paid Advertising + Management


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"In our industry, full of me-too products, we are constantly challenging ourselves to push the barriers. We needed a partner who understood how important this innovation was to our business & could help us navigate the tech terrain."

-Charlie Ismert, President